Twilight Light Roast

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Full Bodied / Smooth / Nutty / Earthy

Twilight is the perfect cup of coffee with the blending of Monsoon Malabar and Kona beans.

India’s finest bean, Monsoon Malabar, has a bit of history. Back when the beans were being transported from India to Europe by sea, the voyage took about 3-4 months experiencing monsoon weather. With constant humidity, the character of the bean was changed resulting in a practically neutral pH balance offering a heavy bodied, pungent, chocolatey aroma with hints of spice and nuts.

Twilight is great for espresso, caffè latte and French press and always pairs well with milk or cream. Enjoy!

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Thoughts About This Blend
Tony G
April 21, 2020

My wife’s favorite coffee. Sometimes mixed with her favorite creamer, or just straight as is. Happy wife, happy life. Thanks Darkspire!

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